Choosing a Crystal

The Crystal


Acacia walks through the darkness of the cave, taking time to choose the crystal with care. Seeing a lovely iridescent crystal sparkle ahead of her down the path, a smile formed on her lips. This was it, a perfect choice for the task. It was light and beautiful, a very Seelie choice. Her fingers began to glow purple as she focused on the crystal, “Eilimint na Cruinne, ordaĆ­mse duit, Tabhair amach as an cloch sin a mhian liom.” {Element of Earth, I command you, Bring forth from the stone that which I desire.} spinning the element of earth within the crystal to cause a large new shard to form. Once the crystal was the size she desired, she let the glow fade from her fingers as the energy returned to the weave. Taking a hammer that had been dipped in wax a number of times, She stuck the shard sharply at the join to the main crystal, breaking it free. A grim grin crossed her face. This would be the tool she would use. Soon the Hive would know the error of their ways.