The Deep Roads Portals

This is a series of pages that are designed to spark interest in the deep roads portals role-play.  Currently within the environment of the great alliance, all planar travel comes with a 90% chance of death. Recently it has been discovered that within the deep roads are a series of portals that can be retrieved and set up. These pages are about other planes, and not necessarily the planes that will be chosen.

If you have received this note card or a link to this webpage You can consider yourself informed of the following.

There is a book that may have information that is useful. It came back from Faery with Cia, but will be in the Ithryn with Faulkes or Ivy at the healers hall((these will be going to those places soon, but are not there yet.))

There are portals in the deep roads, they are moveable gates. They are a danger to the continued use of magic on this plane.  There are forces of chaos working to try and acquire them.

there may or may not be useful information in the following documents. The Pages are written in Dwarven (the runes) and common, but an ornate and hard to read hand. (the two full pages) and drow in an elven script on the last.  OOC Information: The text in these is fairly generic and is supposed to represent notes on the topic.  The drow hand writing in red relates to the connection of what happened in faery and the deep roads

Personally addressed notecard holders- You would have an actual copy of these documents. That would be Queen Comet, Princess Ivy, Star, Nifredil, Juni, Myr, Kami, Kaella, Argolind, Ondine and Faulkes( who will have the entire book within the Ithryn Guild Hall, For Taure Ru, Elva’ree For Greenhaven Pelinor, for Lundene Sir Reginar, and Fur for Vana.


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