The Grimoires

What it is:

While in Faery, Acacia acquired three books. Each of the books is the working spellbook, or notebook of one of the three Sorceresses. The Grimories are designed to spark roleplay. They contains some pages that are specifically designed for certain roleplays.  It also contains  what I hope are some intriguing images and bits of spells that will spark the attention of those viewing them. While some of them are specifically designed for a particular roleplay, that does not mean that they are restricted to that roleplay. 

How to use the Books:

Two of the books will be placed out for roleplay at some point. The first one may be placed with Faulkes in the Ithryn Mage Guild, the details are still being worked out.  The second of these will be placed with Ivy in the healers hall. The third will remain in my possession.

To use the books in roleplay, one would need to roleplay visiting them, and then take the information or image. I plan to have a giver accompany the volumes and run with it. If it inspires you and you want to create your own story go for it. Any that are tied to a particular story will be marked. You are still welcome to take it and run with it, I just ask that you follow and read that story and be respectful of what is being played there.

The Norse Pages

The Deep Roads Portals

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