Returning from Fae


As the last of those who had sought refuge in the feywilds during the battle returned through the portal, Acacia felt a familiar touch on her mind. Pandora, the guardian of Alu ndor, the waterlands of the feywilds spoke but a single word. “Stay” Acacia waited til the last had returned to Slyvhara through the portal. She turned and looked over the area, the shimmering multicolor waters soothing to her. She pulled the glass bottles from a near by satchel and began collecting some to the water as she found its properties were well suited for scrying.

The soft sound of drops of water falling alerted her to the presence of Pandora. She turned and smiled at the guardian, “Miye, it is good to see you.”

Pandora floated her body liquid as if she were water brought to life. “On the standing stone there is a stone. Take it. Keep it safe and near to the circle gate. Your place of stone is close enough, keep it there.” With these words and a flip of her legs, Pandora dissolved into a mist which fell back to the water below her. Cia moved over to the standing stone and found a carved stone and took it. As she had drawn close to it, the feel of the magic was powerful. It was an item of exceeding beauty, but somehow it gave off a feeling of menace, as if touching it would be dangerous. Cia hesitated for a moment before touching it. It had an odd feeling, as if it were made of water made solid, but not icy.  She hefted the bag of jars onto her shoulder and called her portal to return home.