At the Edge of things, Becoming a Sage

Nifredil landed in the sands of a small island off the shore of Anar, he had not noticed this place before despite spending a majority of his time among the wilds of the Fae lands, and as his feet shifted through the soft white sand he approached where his friend was sitting perched atop a rock structure…”Vedui’ Acacia. It has been a while since we have talked last.”

Acacia had looked up at the soft sound of feathered wings approaching, and watched as her friend landed in the white sand. Lifting off from her perch she spiraled down to where he stood. “Miye Nifredil, It always seems like a long time between conversations, but that is because I enjoy them.” she dug her toes into the sand, reveling in the feel of the sun warmed sand. “Anar delights me, It always changes and yet stays the same.”

Nifredil watched as she landed softly before him, his head tilting slightly as she moved from her perch on the rocks…”I hope I was not interrupting anything.”…he would turn to look over at the horizon of Anar, skyline spotted with trees and mountains alike…”We have vastly different feelings when it comes to nature. You have a deeper affinity for the elements than I do.”

Acacia smiles, and reaches out a hand to him, while also reaching out for mental contact, “This is an edge place, The earth meets the sea here, the sky meets the earth, and the fire of the sun warms it all.” moving to stand at the very edge of the water, Sending through the link if it was accepted, *Let me share with you how it feels*

Nifredil would move with her as she also opened the link between their minds, he allowed her to take his partially gloved right hand as she lead him to the edge of the shore…”It is places like this that I did my very early practices with the elements myself, what I did…what I still do is in a drastic contrast to talking to them.”…he would closes his eyes for a moment to feel the warmth of the sun, the gentle cooling of the breeze against his skin, and his ears would twitch from the sounds that he heard around them

Acacia wrapped her fingers around his glove hand and opened her mind to him, as she trusted him, *Feel the balance here, there is a deep solid strength in the elements that does not exist in the power of the weave, That was pure rush and vitality, This has depth* Her mental words tried to explain the difference in the feeling between the two,

Nifredil would listen to her words, and attempted to recreate what she explained to him to do; only to shake his head in frustration as he responds telepathically..’I am sorry my friend. I can feel the well of power, and though the deity I was taught to follow by my mother is heavily rooted in the natural magics…I can not experience their depth as you do.”…his eyes would open to look at her as she hovered before him, her soft blue hand placed in his palm with her fingers hooked under the opening of his glove as he spoke again…”What you have developed is something truely special.”

Acacia blushed slightly. “I recall the night that I decided to pursue this path, It was while we were fighting the undead of the Monolith, When I was attacked, it was as if the water wished to fight them before I even touched the weave, I saw there the strength that came from having a willing ally in the elements.”

Nifredil nods to her slowly…”I have never truly been able let myself rely on such things. Gods, elements…it was not until recently I have allowed myself to trust in those around me in my life.”…he would look directly into her eyes as he slowly withdrew his hand from her, his arcane sight would peer deeply into the aura of magic around her before smiling softly at her…”You’ve more to tell me…”

Acacia took a deep breath, “Can you imagine combing the two, blending them to have the solid depth of the Elements with the wild power of the weave?” She let go of his hand to weave her fingers together. “The combination would be a fine thing, much as you have woven your classes together, to be both a user of arcane and divine magics,”

Nifredil would cross his arms over his chest, the edges of the hard leather curias he wore digging into his biceps to cause his veins to swell slightly, and the fingers on his right hand would rap lightly on his left arm…”The combination would be something to see, and something that I have never seen before.”…his head would lower till his chin tapped lightly against his breastplate…”And it sounds like a careful line that you will have to balance yourself along.”

Acacia holds one hand out to the left, “The wishes of the elemental lords, they are what create that depth, they must be honored and observed,” she held the other hand out to the right, “The power of the weave” she smiled impishly at him. “Or as some say, the power of the gods, It is a lot to balance, but when your suceed, it would be power and depth.”

Nifredil grins at her as she used his own words back at him as she explains the point of balance…”And are you the one that will find that balance, Acacia? Will you be the one to pioneer that path that treads on the line between evoking and commanding?”…he raised his head enough that he could look into her eyes once again as she stood before him with her arms spread wide

Acacia straighten her shoulders, and met his gaze, Bringing the two hands together in front of her, she spoke confidently, “I am.”

Nifredil nods to her as his arms slip from being crossed over his chest, hanging at his sides as the tip of each of his fingers touch the tip of his thumb…”Very well my friend. Then allow me to help you along that path as you helped me along mine.”…he would then take a step back from her, his boots sinking slightly in the sand as he lowers his head to her in respect

Acacia clasped her hands to her chest, as if holding something precious. “I would like it very much to work with you. to explore the bounds of what magic can do,. Thank you, the offer means much to me.”


Seeking Healing

Acacia Rose  falls to the floor of the healers hall in a shower of purple sparkles, a wing membrane torn and blood pouring from her shoulder.  looking to the startled young healer trainee, “Help me please”  The trainee runs looking for a healer.

Katina Star is about to get ready for bed when the trainee knocks frantically on the door to the Marshal’s Office. “Ugh…. I’ll be right there.” As quickly as she can run, Katina shows up at the healers hall looking concerned. “Acacia! What happened?”

Acacia Rose  looks up to see Katina from where she lay on the floor “I was attacked, a dagger to my wing and the crossbow bolt in my shoulder.”

Katina Star kneels to carefully lift Acacia, trying not to jostle her too much, cradling her friend in her arms as though she weighed nothing and carrying her over to a bed.
She sets Acacia down carefully so she can examine the wounds. “Hmm… I’ll find something to patch the wing… it’s different from my wing… this bolt though….” she sighs “I can probably remove it but I’m not as skilled a surgeon as Malada… I can do battlefield first aid at most, and divine healing will only help so far until that thing is out.”

Acacia Rose  relaxes knowing she is in good hands, “Mira told me that Vellette said that someone was after her fae, I was checking the gardens when I was attacked from the shadows”

Katina Star scowls at whoever would be hunting fae. She focuses on the crossbow wound first as it’s bleeding the most. “I can probably just pull this out instead of having to force it through like one would an arrow…”

Acacia Rose  nods to Katina, “Yes, do go ahead,” she gripped the pillow knowing that it would hurt.

Katina Star sighs, preparing herself, and then remembers something. “Hang on, maybe this will help… I know Snow did this for me before I had an arrow removed once… they had to push it THROUGH my body with the barbing…”

Aetheyr wanders in, it’s little hand rummaging around in a pouch while it mutters something about unicorns to itself.

Katina Star gently lays a hand on top of Acacia’s head and begins to pray in draconic. “bahamut, troth sia thurirl, batobot jaciv geou ti kiwieg loerchik de nomeno procedure…” (Bahamut, protect my friend, that she will not feel pain from this procedure…)

Aetheyr stops at the sound of a voice and looks up. It frowns at seeing Acacia laid out on the table. “What’s going on?”, it asks, speaking loudly to be heard.

Katina Star continues to pray over Acacia, waiting to see the effect. Her wing and tail spikes glow with divine light.

Acacia Rose  nodded and felt the unfamiliar magic swirl around her. The magic of deities always fascinated her. She still gripped the pillow, but felt a little floaty, smiling to Aethheyr, “Miye, it is the wind Katina”

Katina Star nods to the elemental. “Bring me two bowls, one with water and one empty, and some cloth”

Aetheyr wiggles it’s fingers in a small wave to Acacia, still frowning. It blinks, then sees the injuries to the Fae and runs to fetch the items.

Katina Star stops praying over Acacia and takes the bowls and cloth. “Thank you.” She wraps the cloth around the shaft of the bolt that’s still poking out of Acacia’s shoulder and grips tightly. “Boy I hope my spell worked…” she mutters before giving it a careful tug.

Aetheyr looks at the full sized bowls in consternation for a moment, then frowns and whispers something quietly, and waits. It smiles gratefully when a helpful wind assists it in lifting and carrying one bowl at a time, setting them on the floor by Katina’s feet. It pulls a water skin from it’s pouch and fills one of them with water, then runs back and laboriously carries a towel over as well.

Aetheyr climbs on top of a nearby chair so it can see over the edge of the bed. It peers curiously at what Katina is doing, a small frown on it’s little face.

Acacia Rose  felt oddly devoid of pain, it hurt, but no longer the sharp throbbiing pain. She smiled at the elemental “You are so pretty”

Katina Star notices minimal reaction from Acacia and hehs. She carefully pulls the bolt out the rest of the way and sets it in the empty bowl before folding bandages into a thick square to place over the wound. She applies pressure and begins to wrap up Acacia’s shoulder to hold the patch in place.

Aetheyr blinks at the Fae and looks down at itself confusedly for a moment. Seeing nothing unusual, it shrugs and goes back to watching Katina dressing the wound with great interest.

Acacia Rose  looks to Katina, “I want the bolt, to scry”

Katina Star nods “Yes, I’ve saved it.” She finishes wrapping up Acacia’s shoulder and lays her hand on top of it. Her wing and tail spikes begin to glow again, as well as her hands, as she prays for Bahamut to heal the wound.”You should be lucky the bolt was smooth”

Aetheyr frowns slightly watching the bandaging. It looks at it’s own tiny hands and back again, and shakes it’s head.

Acacia Rose  “It seemed more pointy than smooth to me. She continued to watch the tiny Elemental, “I like the wind you know, it helps me fly”

Aetheyr pulls a tiny parchment envelope from it’s pouch and offers it to Katina. “Comfrey. If you sprinkle it on the wound it will heal faster”, it says simply.

Katina Star finishes channeling healing power to Acacia and sighs, looking exhausted. “By smooth I mean not barbed.” Katina Star nods at Aetheyr. “Thanks… when her bandages are changed we’ll apply some.” She starts to wash the blood off her hands with the bowl of water.

Aetheyr nods. It looks at the Fae curiously for a moment, and a small breeze appears to gently flutter her wings.

Katina Star looks at the torn wing now. “What should be done about this? Your wings are so delicate, mine are a bit thicker. I worry if we stitch your wing like Malada stitched mine it might just do more harm than good…”

Acacia Rose  felt the wound begin to knit itself back together feeling oddly like she did while in the middle of a transmutation, the flesh shifting and coming together. The bleeding stopping but still clearly  a wound”

Katina Star: “Unless we used a *really* tiny needle and *really* thin thread. Or maybe just healing power will do it”

Aetheyr rummages in it’s pouch again, producing a small jar of a thick amber substance. It holds the jar out to Katina. “This might help. It’s sap from a maple. It’s sticky, might put the wing together enough for it to heal on it’s own”, it says the last in a somewhat questioning tone, as if uncertain.

Katina Star smiles at Aetheyr “That actually sounds much better than attempting to stitch this tear. I don’t want to poke more holes in her wing”

Acacia Rose  nods at this. “the one hole is more than enough for me thank you!

Katina Star pats a bare spot on the bed and looks at Aetheyr. “Come up here and help seal this. I’ll hold the tear together for you”

Aetheyr looks up at the bed, then closes it’s eyes and jumps, somehow managing to jump much higher than such a small creature should be able to. It lands softly on the edge of the bed, the jar cradled in it’s hands. It carefully moves along the edge to where it can reach the tear in the Fae’s wing, opens the jar with one hand and gently dabs a little of the sap along the edges of the tear, as Katina holds it together.

Acacia Rose  holds still as the elemental worked trying to not move her wings. “That tickles, which is much better than hurting”

Katina Star chuckles, holding the tear together carefully

Aetheyr finishes, looking at the tear suspiciously. “I hope it holds”, it says to no one in particular, then steps back, absently licking the sap from it’s fingers.

Acacia Rose  titls her head, “That smells good. I wonder if I taste good now”

Katina Star hmms and takes a bit of bandage to stick over the excess sap around the tear. “This’ll help hold it together.”Katina Star also prays a small blessing of healing.

Aetheyr nods and softly floats down from the bed, putting the jar back in it’s pouch.

Katina Star finishes all blessings and cleaning up and slumps a bit, looking exhausted.

Acacia Rose  sits up again, trying her wing, She can move it, but decides it is bet if she did not try fight. She looked to Katina. “Do Paladins use mana, I have a mana potion if it helps you”

Aetheyr offers Katina a dandelion. “It will give you some energy”, it says encouragingly.

Katina Star shakes her head. “I don’t really understand what mana is… it sort of depends on who you ask. I just channel the power of a god… I believe Malada explained it like this: ‘When the infinite touches the finite, it hurts.'” She laughs. “Except it doesn’t hurt me…. just wears me out.”Katina Star accepts the dandelion awkwardly. “It’s pretty but what do i do with this?”

Acacia Rose  nods, “that makes sense. Silly Katina, you eat it. What else do you do with flowers?”

Katina Star blinks. “I don’t eat flowers… why would anyone eat flowers?”

Aetheyr nods at Acacia’s words, looking at Katina.

Acacia Rose  blinks looking at Katina. “There are a lot of eddible flowers that you can eat. She hands Katina some lavender. “this is my favorite”

Katina Star: “Uh, thanks. But I’d rather look at pretty flowers than eat them…”

Aetheyr shakes it’s head, looking baffled.

Acacia Rose  looks to Aetheyr with a knowing look. “Dragons” shrugging her shoulders, then wincing. “I should not do that, what should I do?”

Katina Star: “You should lay there and get some rest.”

Aetheyr nods in agreement with Katina. “Rest and let the wounds heal”

Acacia Rose  wrinkled her nose, “Lay, in a bed? and do nothing? Do I have to?”

Katina Star nods “Yes, you have to. I’ve had to every time I’ve been wounded.”

Acacia Rose  looked to Katina. “I am not sure that counts. It sounds like a silly healer rule”

Katina Star: “It helps. You heal better if you’re not running about.And I don’t know when that one blessing I cast on you will wear off but I’m certain you’ll probably just want to rest when you start to feel pain again.” Katina Star goes to make some tea for Acacia.

Acacia Rose  eyes the door.

Katina Star rummages through her pouch and found a soothing tea mixture that Malada had given her to aid with sleep. She brews it and brings a cup over to Acacia.

Acacia Rose  looks to Katina. “Can’t I have rum instead? I am quite sure that Malada said it is medicinal? Healers are always making me conjure it.”

Aetheyr sits down and pulls out another dandelion, munching on it absently while watching the other two.

Katina Star chuckles. “It’s good for cleaning wounds.”

Acacia Rose  pouts, and takes the tea cup, Holding her hand over it and muttering “..Yo-Ho-ho, agus buidéal rum!
Dí agus bhí an diabhal déanta don rest–
… Yo-ho-ho, agus buidéal rum! ”
[20:06]  Acacia Rose : {..Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!
Drink and the devil had done for the rest–
…Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!’} transmutting the tea into rum and taking a generous sip.

Aetheyr smells the rum and glances up at Katina, to see if she’ll notice.

Katina Star makes out a few words of the spell and can smell the rum, she huffs. “If you wanted me to spike the tea I would have… Malada’s done it for me a few times”

Acacia Rose  smiles and tries quite unsuccessfully to look innocent.

Aetheyr finishes the dandelion and fidgets, anxious to get back to trying to make potions now that it appears no longer to be needed. “Well… I guess my work here is done”, it says airily, standing and appearing on the verge of leaving.

Katina Star pours another cup of tea for Acacia. “This time, don’t transmute it. This will help you rest.”

Acacia Rose  smiles to Aetheyr, “My thanks for your help on my wing,” she looks to Katina and back to both of them, “I owe you both a boon for healing me. Please let me know what I can do for you at any time”

Katina Star smiles. “Just doing my job. But I will keep it in mind.”

Aetheyr waves a tiny hand dismissively. “It was good practice”, it says simply.

Katina Star yawns

Acacia Rose  smiles sipping from her cup, not taking the new cup of tea, her eyes drooping happily.

Katina Star steps over to the bed and pulls up the blankets, tucking Acacia in.

Aetheyr looks at the Fae, then at the dragon, and shrugs. It slips out the back door, heading up to where the cauldron is kept.

Katina Star yawns again and summons NPC acolytes to her. “Watch over her and make sure she gets some rest. Let me know if I’m needed.”

Katina Star: “Sleep well Acacia”

Acacia Rose  nods sleepily, smiling at Katina with a wave, saving nothing.


Lexie Lukas arrives in a sweet silky mist.. her form takes shape wearing a lavendar gown fitting for the autumn season. Turning toward the Archmage of Anurum, Lexie smiles “Good day to you Archmage, I thought I might pay you a visit. My my this place has changed.. You have done well with it.. The room as an aura of magic about it” The Magus of Shadows winks to her friend, pleased to be in the fae Queen’s presence in a private setting.

Acacia Rose (wildrosepetal) putters about her alchemy bench straightening the items and putting things back into their place. Looking up from her task at the stirring in the weave she smiles to see the Magus Emeritas arrive in her classroom. “Welcome Empress Lexie, You are always welcome here” she blushes with pleasure at the words of The Magus of Shadows. “Thank you, it is a place very special to me.”
Second Life: Items successfully shared.

Lexie Lukas crosses her arms, taking in the seductive scents of delicate concocted herbs. With brightly gleaming ruby eyes she studies the fae.. and begins her discourse with a sincere “How are you?”
Lexie Lukas: One of her hands lightly caresses the weave as she preemptively shields her form

Acacia Rose (wildrosepetal) two tiny fae appear with some fresh juice and an assortment of tasty treats suited to the morning. She glances at the table briefly and considers the question rather than giving a quick social answer “I am well, there are one or two tasks that have been troubling me, but otherwise I quite well. Would you care for some refreshment?” indicating the table that the tiny fae have now set. “How are you?” her tone indicating an sincere interest.

Lexie Lukas glances toward the nicely prepared table, with a light smile.. She knew she was safe here, and always enjoyed the freshness of fae refreshment. It had a dancing character of light hearted connection to the elements which pleased her. The Magus moved toward the table taking a seat as she allowed Cia’s words to penetrate her thoughts.

Lexie Lukas: As the Magus picks up a few lovely berries, ripened to perfection she remarks with a soft throaty” I asked you first..?” as the interesting information she might wish to know was yet untold. She believed Cia to be expert at magic as the fae had worked tirelessly for some time, and now held a position of great honor within a realm of distinction.. She was sure that Cia was aware of most of Lexie’s background, and would not simply offer private information unless her heart had some misgiving or she needed help. At least these were the thoughts that fell as feathers upon the table of the oracle which dwelt within

Acacia Rose (wildrosepetal) moved to the table and took a seat, taking a cup of the fresh berry juice and sipped it. Smiling as the company of the Empress always made her smile. Her smile grew brighter as she noted how delightfully the Empresses gown looked against the deeper purple carpet. “As I mentioned when I was last within your hall, I recently had the pleasure of being the High King Parzival’s guest in a room that Archmage Dinnin had prepared for such occasions.” their was a tone of admiration for the skill of those preparations, for they were exceedingly well wrought magics. “I was cut off from all magics, which was rather the point of the preparations, but should I ever find myself in such quarters again, I was wondering if you you might be able to abjure any magics that would disrupt my use of my own personal mana?” This was the most pressing of the concerns weighing on her mind, the others being well in hand.

Lexie Lukas pulled in the meaning of words from her friend much as one who spun wool or other more expensive materials into thread. Her hands lightly danced within the air as she nonchalantly abstracted the meaning from the letters placed upon the voice of the Queen.. Softening her gaze upon Cia, she leaned forward “And will you tell me why the room had such preparation Archmage?”

Acacia Rose (wildrosepetal) gave a soft laugh, “The High King did not wish me to depart. He used the term prisoner but that has such a harsh ugly sound” Her nose wrinkled as if she smelled something that displeased her. ” But after speaking at length he decided that I should be set free” She did not speak the terms of that release aloud, but they would not be far from her thoughts. “After all, I was not one of the mages who was building constructs or denying him access. It is rather an irony that I who was held captive in this war, was one who never saw an untranslated copy of the scroll.” she shook her head at this and made a throw away gesture as if to try and throw away the annoyance.

Lexie Lukas narrowed her eyes menacingly, the strength of her darkness beginning to swirl into large circles around the two of them “Did he hurt you?”she whispered in a cavernous voice

Acacia Rose (wildrosepetal) shook her head, “No, he was a most courteous host, He saw that my wounds from the battle were healed, and that I was well fed and even arranged that I might use the hotsprings to bathe after taking my word that I would not use the chance to escape. Neither he, nor any of his people harmed me in any way.” It was always difficult to explain her odd friendship with the Devil King. “It is just that in the future, I wish not to be cut off from my personal mana.” she took a drink of her juice, pleased by the concern as it touched her.

Lexie Lukas’s voice remained silky smooth, yet the darkness prevailed withn it Though she was happier healing than using her horrible powers for violent acts, she was as always lawful, and fiercely protective of her friends. Her hand rolled counterclockwise, eyes closed she touched the words with shadowed fingers in a spell of release which may cause the Archmage to open her own barriers and allow her true thoughts and feelings to be revealed as to what had transpired. The Magus placed her palms together binding the spell in softness, as she did not wish to intrude beyond what might be necessary to defend this magical one

Acacia Rose (wildrosepetal) felt the stirring of the magic around her. She did not resist the opening of her barriers, for the protection she sought would require such. Her accounting out the actions would be clear, but layered on top of it would be the initial feeling of trapped, She had felt small and tiny, not surprising as she had taken her pixie form for the battle. A fierce determination not to be a victim rang clear, satisfaction that she has arranged her own release and the desire to never be cut off from her own mana was strong. Behind the thought and still partially veiled was the terms of the release, that she would seek the one known as the chancellor. She waited for the spell to complete still as a stone.

Lexie Lukas’s eyes glittered in fierce anger.. as a low growl rumbled from her chest to her lips…She would not allow her friend to be a victim to this deception, especially when she knew who and what the Chancellor was. Her aura became a mass of swirling blackness..rattling every physical object within the vicinity.. the land itself would shudder at the darkness which became a screaming mass of deadly force the likes of which even Lexie had never felt.

Lexie Lukas raises her hands toward the heavens then lowers them to the earth.. she begins to chant in an ancient tongue calling to the darkness of the deity within her heart, her breath catches at the thumping of her own heart as she commands the elements to join within the weave she spins now in circling hands.. her mind focuses now with a will of steel upon the land and its graceful power of earth, plant, life , spirit and the realm of the animals.. Quietly she beseeches all to answer the call and weave within a small crystal gem she is building within her hand.. creating a solid circle of magic locked by her own unique signature from tampering, She taps the stone thrice in a homing guide which would live within, Her hand moves over the gem knitting a ward which would encircle only Cia and Lexie and no other..she places the gem within the hand of the Arch mage.. “Keep this with you.”


Acacia Rose makes her way though the dark stone corridors, nodding to those she passed, her steps confident as if she were within the halls of her own guild. The heavy silk of her skirts brushed across the floor in a series of soft swishes. Stepping into the Magi hall, she spied Nifredil by the book cases, the rich scent of leather and old paper filling the air. “MIye Nifredil. I came to see you because I saw something more from the scrying, A red crystal….” she trailed off realizing he had given the head to Parzival.

Nifredil Evael stood over a desk as an Acolyte shuffled through several scrolls in the chair in front of him. Others shuffled about the guild hall seemingly following precise instructions as none of the actions they took were wasted…”Acacia. I wondered how long it would take you to come see me.”…he spoke as if he had made her wait on purpose, he could remember the look that she had given him the night he passed the head to the Devil King, and he turned slowly to meet her; enduring that his wings did not disturb the Acolyte studying…”I too had seen visions of the red crystal, and I can assure you that the proper actions have been taken.”

Acacia Rose tilted her head to study him, ponder how much she should say about the matters that had detained her. “I would have come sooner, but there has been a bit of unrest in the Unseelie Fae and I needed to deal with that, That area is becoming dangerous to be in.” Her look at him grew more focused. “And what actions did you take if I may ask?”

Nifredil Evael moved over to the long table, and he reached into the pouch on his hip as he listened to her…”I am sure the Hive can handle its self. What they do is of no concern of mine until they choose to make it my concern.”…he withdrew his hand from his pouch, it was clenched, but did not look as if he were holding anything within it…”You are that concerned about the precautions I took?”…he would place the cracked crystal on the table as he looked at her with an unamused look

Acacia Rose adjusted that silk scarf that hung about her hips, “Nifredil, if I were concerned about them I would not seek you out so often to discuss magic and is secrets. I trust you as one of those Initiated, but that does not mean that I know your actions, and thus I am curious. It is a habit of mine. Many find my insatiable curiosity to be tiresome.”

Nifredil Evael smirked at her…”If you trusted my precautions then you wouldn’t have glared at me like you did the other night.”…he turned to one of the Acolytes that seemed to be standing around, and he gestured for him to complete his task…”They are assisting me with some research. Looking for spells that might be useful in uncovering what secrets this still holds.”…he moves to look over the Acolyte that was sitting behind him, and suddenly took the parchment that he was reading so he could study it himself

Acacia Rose reaches to her belt lift the book that she wore there, Turning the pages she made little hmmmng sounds, as she flipped through the pages, “This one,” She said tapping her finger on the page, “This is one that has been very useful in the past for me. It takes a lot out of you, but I find that it is well worth the effort. It will tell me of the legend and lore behind an object.” Holding the book out where he could see it.

Nifredil Evael looked over the page she showed him, he had yet to crack open his grimoire during this time; choosing to let the Acolytes do all of the research at this time…”Ahh yes. One of my students came across that one earlier, and I asked them to set it aside.”…he held the scroll up with the Soul Scry spell on it…”This here could be an interesting experiment If nothing more.”

Acacia Rose flipped a few pages, “This is the one that I use to follow up that spell, It provided a great deal of insight into the person or thing. She looked up to him with a smile, “I have also discovered that the yellow waters fro the fey wilds are particularly useful for scrying.”

Nifredil Evael rolled the parchment up before handing back to the Acolyte he took it from…”I think we have a good base for ideas. We need to prepare to ensure can learn the most from these spells.”…he returned to the table, and he takes the crystal into his hand once again, holding it in his palm as he holds it out for her to inspect should she choose to

Acacia Rose took the crystal, running her fingers along it, noting the crack in it. Thinking of the crystal that she had acquire through her fight with the Fomorian. “It is shame it is not from a harder substance. There is a crystal in the Feywilds that is harder than any other, It requires a spell to cut. The color is quite lovely at least” grinning at the last to indicate that she jests as she extends it back to him.

Nifredil Evael watched her inspect the crystal, an nodded to her as he really had no knowledge of the crystals from the Feywild…”You should show me these crystals from the other plane.”…he would close his hand around the crystal as she places it back into his hand, and he carefully tucked it back into his pouch…”I have chosen to keep this on my person. It prevents others from locating that it is here as easy.”…he lowered his head to the Archmage. offering her a genuine smile…”I will prepare for our rituals. I think the rune, and mirror will serve us well in our scrying. I just need to collect a few things before then.”

Acacia Rose nods in agreement. “I will need to gather the items that I have, I will stay in touch, but we should do this soon. She looks up, “May the shadows keep you safe until then” a smile on her face as she makes her way to the door to depart