About Enchantress Acacia Rose

Welcome to my Blog.  This is a combined blog about role play and the character I play in the 3d environment of Secondlife.

There are several distinct Sections of this blog, They are:first being:


This is the section for roleplay I am leading or setting up the story. It will often have information on items that can be found within the game.  It is for the ease of the players. While I can put all this information within a book in secondlife, they are often hard to read.

Cia’s Story

This is where I post roleplays that are part of my character’s personal story. There will be gaps and holes, because not everything will get posted.

Thoughts on Roleplay

I spend a lot of time thinking about ways to improve my own roleplay, and the small stories that I lead for others. This is the section where those posts will go.



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